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C h e c k e d B a g g a g e C o m p a n y & SIGAdance

        Teacher and Choreographer


           is presenting dance!!





Through her great artistry, she always shares a very strong and personal story. Through her teachings she always shares her passion for dance.



To be creative is like a precious gift. To share this gift and to experience other people´s creativity through work in class is a great joy. It is humbling and inspirational to give and to take part in this dynamic interaction. Whether you are a professional dancer or just have a love for dance you always have something to give and something to be given in these classes. Come and enjoy the expressive language of dance!



Through her stage productions, Siv always shares a very personal story which most people can recognize in their own. THE FLIGHT (a journey through a young life), SHELLS & CORES (somebodys shell is rearly representative for what their core  contains), CHOICES (our different mechanisms for handling challenges) and DEFERO (how do we communicate and what do we comprehend). Her productions always seeks to express the companionship we share as human beings through our experiences.


Beauty can always be seen by the heart -if it opens..